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Sydney, DECEMBER - 2021

An Art Fair to never forget.

I had the pleasure to meet the amazing actor Sam Neil who bought 3 of my paintings for his collection.

Bruno Mota exchibition at THE OTHER ART FAIR  Sydney, OCTOBER - 2019

Sydney, OCTOBER - 2019

Inspired by some of the many famous landscapes in Bali.
Bali can offers an unique color palette across its landscapes, wildlife, food, which makes it easy to seek inspiration wherever you look.
I want through this palette induce a calm and vibe that Bali has, but at the same time it still playful and vibrant.
Anything with a tropical vibe, bold and bright colours, they are sure to brighten up any dull day.
Bali it’s a mood, an aspiration, a true tropical state of mind.

Bruno Mota exchibition at THE OTHER ART FAIR  Sydney, March - 2019

Sydney, MARCH - 2019

Presented by Saatchi Art, The Other Art Fair Sydney showcases 120 talented independent and emerging artists, each hand picked by a committee of art world experts. Art lovers can visit the fair with confidence that they are buying from the very best and most promising emerging artists in a unique and immersive experience.

Photo of the artist Bruno Mota in his second exchibition atTHE BEACH is traffic jam galleries opening exhibition for 2018. This thematic exhibition will consist of ten artists interpretations of ‘the beach’

Traffic Jam Galleries
Sydney, Feb 1 - 2018

THE BEACH is traffic jam galleries opening exhibition for 2018. This thematic exhibition will consist of ten artists interpretations of ‘the beach’. 

" Bruno Mota has included a scene from Gordons Bay and also went further afield with inspiration gathered from the Cook Islands."

Group exchibition of Bruno Mota at Traffic Jam Galleries Sydney, Feb 2 - 2017

Traffic Jam Galleries
Sydney, Feb 2 - 2017

Summer and the start of the New Year is often for many a time in which we take stock, a time to look forward and devise how and what we want to be a part of over the upcoming twelve months. These musings may make more time for a hobby or passion. Art in all its various forms, can play a leading role in helping us develop happier, more stimulating and connect lives. Our summer thematic exhibition embraces summer, the harbour, beaches and positivity for the year ahead, this was interpreted by me and more 5 amazing artists.

" Bruno Mota’s several works are bright bold and colourful, a little Ken Done like in style almost abstract and at times using Matisse like paper cut out shapes. Mota seems to like broad swirling lines drawing the eye of the viewer. There is an s-shape slithering across the page in Harbour Bridge.

Harbour at Night has wonderful abstract lines forming the building shapes and leading the eye there is a sense of stretched flatness of the building in the centre of the design and the Rubik’s’- cube like tall building as well – not forgetting the party hat of the Opera House here defined in yellow and red".

Artist Bruno Mota looking at his paintings at his first exchibition in Sydney at Traffic Jan galleries

Traffic Jam Galleries
Sydney, August 4 - 2016

Showing for the first time in the gallery, during our upcoming exhibition, the feature wall for the exhibition side of the gallery will consist of works by Bruno Mota. A Brazilian artist based in Sydney, Bruno paints his new environment with a South American vibrancy and enthusiasm. He is new to the gallery and we are looking forward to the public being able to experience these explosive works.

Photo of the artist Bruno Mota standing in front his paintings at the group exhibition Raw

Raw Sydney 
Sydney, April - 2016

In April 2016 I was invited to be part of the exhibition RAW: natural born artists in Sydney.
This was my first exhibition in Australia and was a big and amazing experience.
RAW is an independent arts organisation for artists, by artists. They focus on spotlighting independent talent to the public. Every second month they hand-select and showcase approximately 40 artists in film, fashion, music, visual art, photography, performing art, hair and makeup for a one-night creative explosion!

The artist Bruno Mota in front his bold body of work in Brazil named rock in colours showing many popular names as John lenon and Elvis

Urban Arts - Campinas/SP
Brazil, 24 September 2014

Amy, Hendrix, Kurt, Elvis, Lennon and Morrison.
Some of the most important names of the music represented by the bright colours of Bruno Mota. 

Gallery 11.16
Brazil, Jul - 2013

In its second exhibition of 2013, the Gallery Onze
Dezesseis presents the artist Bruno Mota, who lends contemporary canvases in different shades.
In both the retro series and the canvas prints, Bruno reflects Brazil and the world, representing everything that happens at the same time, in a fairly ordered confusion.

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